Cold Appetizers

Seafood and cucumbers in a tangy rice vinegar
Kani Su
Crab, avocado and masago, wrapped in cucumbers and vinegar.
Thin Slices of fish, fish of the day
Miso Ae
Conch, octopus and cucumber with miso sauce
Tuna Tataki
Sliced seared tuna with ponzu sauce
Hiyashi Wakame
Wakame seaweed pickled in Sake.
Ika Sansai
Marinated squid with seaweed
Idako (Hot or Cold)
Cooked and marinated baby octopus
Spicy Conch or Octopus
With cucumber
Ika Wakame
seaweed salad with mayonaise squid
Beef Tataki
Grilled outside, rare inside served w/ cold ponzu sauce
Stone Crab Dynamite
Baked stone crab served on a shell
Sushi Appetizer
5 pcs of assorted sushi (Chef's Selection)
Sashimi Appetizer
7 pcs of assorted raw fish (Chef's Selection)
Dynamite On Shell
Baked mixed seafood served on a shell